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Panoramic Magazine is a publication dedicated to documenting the lives and businesses of Urban Professionals in and from Buffalo, NY. The concept of the magazine developed from the need for mentors and mentorship in the urban community. The brainchild of Dennis Wilson Jr, Panoramic Magazine seeks to tell the stories of successful individuals and how they navigated life and achieved success.


Our magazine’s founder Dennis Wilson Jr. is an entrepreneur and teacher. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Dennis has achieved success while overcoming a lack of self-esteem. By displaying the various ways many people have overcome hurdles in life, Panoramic Magazine will serve as a blueprint for success and inspiration.


Everyone has a story and we plan to create an avenue for those stories to be told and learned from. The process of creating Panoramic Magazine has also started a database of positive, influential, and talented individuals and businesses in the community and around the country. At one point Buffalo, NY was one of the major cities in the United States. Despite losing that distinction, Buffalo roots touch pretty much anywhere you go. Panoramic Magazine will become a platform for connecting Buffalonians from all over.


In the coming months we will release issues quarterly. Events centered around bringing positive and like minded individuals together are also in the plans. Panoramic Magazine will be much more than a magazine. We look forward to successfully inspire and motivate the next generation to achieve their goals and have a great quality of life.

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