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Nikia Miller

She has a drive that rivals that of the most disciplined athlete. A drive that has propelled her to success in several industries including but not limited to community services, credit repair and fashion. She is Nikia Miller. Ms. Miller was born on Friday, March 20, 1981. She has very fond memories of growing up in the Glenwood/Kehr area with her mother, stepfather and three of her siblings. While Ms. Miller recalls having to be home when the streetlights came on and nightly family meals around the table, she also recalls not bonding with her mother until she became an adult. Nikia eventually met her biological father; however, their relationship never blossomed. Despite the strained parental relationships experienced in childhood Ms. Miller values her family and draws immense strength from her beloved late grandfather, William A. Bulow and the relationship she has with her sisters.


Ms. Miller attended Bennett High School and found out she was pregnant during her sophomore year. She said she’d rather “eat trash” than to tell her mother she was expecting. One experience in high school that really changed her was being judged by the assistant principal that she once looked up to for being unwed and pregnant. That moment taught her the importance of being kind to others and pushed her to work on her personal character even more. Needless to say, her mom went to the school to handle the situation after Nikia told her what happened. Being a young mother didn’t deter her as she continued her education at Erie Community College and graduated from the University of Buffalo in 2005 with a degree in speech therapy.


Nikia began her professional career as the Director of Community Service for Community Action Organization and when she and her son needed to move due to the end of a relationship, she knew wanted to own a home instead of rent. The buying process springboarded Ms. Miller into another profession...credit repair.  Ms. Miller pulled her credit and said it was the worst she’s EVER seen. She did the work, became a board-certified credit repair consultant and went from making $28k to running a business generating more than six-figures! Eventually, the self-professed serial entrepreneur decided to leave the CAO and work for herself fulltime...owning several ecommerce websites, an Air BnB and her newest venture, an online boutique called The Dress Code by N. Marie. She and her son also began producing a podcast called Word to the Muva. Ms. Miller believes in giving back and has a strong desire to help others. This in addition to her pivotal high school experience with the assistant principal may have led to her creation of The Gift, a semiannual gift exchange for women who do not know each other with the hope of creating strong bonds and friendships.


Ms. Miller is single and the proud mom of one son who has learned to trust himself by following the example of a woman that doesn’t see failure as an option. This Jill of all trades is a master that is well on her way to creating the generational wealth she desires for her family for many years to come.