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Rosalind Burgin

A woman of few words and major wisdom, Rosalind Burgin was born in Alabama and raised in Syracuse, NY with two younger brothers and one sister. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom while her father worked for American Airlines. Rosalind recalls plenty of travel with her family and most of her childhood summers were spent in Birmingham. Her parents came from very large families; Mrs. Burgin had 6 siblings and Mr. Burgin had 10.


Rosalind found positive influence all around her as her aunts and uncles were highly successful as business owners of restaurants, car dealerships and janitorial companies to name a few. Some even worked in the Assembly, Congress and Council of their respective communities. Rosalind attended Central Tech High and Onondaga Community and described herself as social and always involved in school clubs. People might be surprised to know that she loved sewing as a teenager and made many of her outfits. Summers in Birmingham, Los Angeles and Newark, NJ hold her fondest memories of high school. She even planned to work for an airline like her dad so she could travel around the world. Her first professional job was as a mail clerk with Niagara Mohawk Power Corp and when the company shifted operations to NYC and Boston, Rosalind opted for early retirement because she didn’t want to relocate - the pivot. Rosalind ultimately became a founding partner of Mootry Murphy Burgin Realty Group LLC and their business advertisements and listings are prevalent throughout Buffalo.


She begins her day reading scripture and positive affirmations before tackling her calendar. Work and life have taught Rosalind the power of gratitude even though she has experienced many difficulties over the years. She acknowledges God’s grace has kept her and while she has some regrets, she believes every reset was a teaching moment.


Rosalind has two daughters and is the grandmother of five. Her children and grandchildren motivate her to be successful and she wants to be remembered as a kind person that was willing to help others.