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Keli Luchey

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Keli Koran Luchey has worked in the education field. Holding various positions including High School Counselor, Dean of Students, Senior Admissions Advisor, University Instructor, and currently Assistant Principal; Keli is a lifer in the Western New York education system.


Keli attended North Tonawanda Senior High School (88), where she was very involved in school and the community. An honor student who graduated in the Top 20 of her class, Keli was voted Junior and Senior Class President as well as Prom Queen. Keli’s original goal was to earn a PhD in Child Psychology, but after working with high school students and working on the University at Buffalo Campus she decided to combine both Education and Counseling. Over the years Keli has seen a shift in the needs of the children and families in the education system. The issues of poverty, mental illness, violence, and drugs have become much more prevalent in schools today.


Despite the challenges, many new opportunities exist for people of color in all areas of education including teaching, building administration, and district leadership according to Keli. Keli shares “we now have programs geared specifically to addressing the racial / ethnic / socioeconomic disparities in education.” The opportunities and new programs has created a joy for Keli each and every day. Keli proudly states “seriously, no matter how stressful the day or situation, by the end of the day or evening, God has a way of sending a message either directly or through someone else that my work is not in vain.


Keli found her way in education with the support of her mom (deceased) and Dad who were both educators, Dr. Mary H. Gresham (University at Buffalo), Patricia E. Clark (S.T.E.P. Program), Vicki Barnes (Buffalo Public Schools), and Mrs. Crystal Barton (Buffalo Public Schools). Using the tools learned from her

support circle Keli has influenced thousands of students over her years as an educator.


For Keli having experiences at various levels provided her with a better understanding of the needs of students, staff and families. “I understand that the success or demise is not determined by one student, one teacher, or one parent but it can be single-handedly attributed to a weak leader. It is vitally important for a school leader to have a clear understanding and respect for the roles both teachers and school counselors serve in the success of students and the school community” says Keli.


In 2008 Keli formally established Lucid Pathways, LLC. Lucid Pathways provides life coaching, consulting and personal counseling to clients in the United States and abroad. Keli’s goal is to help men, women and children identify their strengths, heal from their pain and live their ultimate and best life.

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