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Tuesday January 23, 2018

the intro
A Clear View
A Clear View
A Clear View

Launching Panoramic Magazine comes from a vision of understanding success and its characteristics.  We all aim to be successful and Panoramic wants to create a network that gives a blueprint for achieving ones goals in life.  Thru the stories of others, the path of achievement becomes easier to navigate.

Our publication, events, and charity will have a focus of exposure of the full picture of the lives of the successful from and in our city.  Building up those around us will only strengthen our network.

What are we?
A new Western New York based Magazine for the Middle Class Professionals.  Based on lifestyle, career, business, education, and religion we're giving you the full 360° view of the lives & businesses of Buffalo born Urban Professionals. 


Why are we advertising/hosting an event or communicating to our audience?
The goal of our launch party is to introduce our publication and those involved with the process.  We want to create a buzz of success and positive vibes for the betterment of our city. 


To whom are we talking?
Our target audience is the Urban Middle Class Professional in WNY and those professional around the country with Buffalo Roots.  The middle class often gets overlooked but we want to create a network and environment to inspire people to achieve more out of life than the status quo.


What do they currently think?
Many individuals feel that with support and/or additional knowledge that they could be doing much better.  We want to be one of the vehicles of inspiration by detailing the journey of successful individuals and businesses.  The thought is if they could it, so can I.


What do we want them to think?
We want our readers to think that they can do whatever they plan to do.  We want to showcase others that have blazed the trail, and can assist in helping others achieve success.


What’s the single most important thing we can tell them?
You're not alone, there's someone that can answer your questions.


Why should they believe it?
Our magazine's creator is well accomplished and has long assisted others in achieving their goals.  As one of the leaders in the WNY Community Mr. Wilson is a liaison that's dedicated to the success of everyone around him.    

Are there any creative guidelines for the event?

  • The event will be a showcase of the best WNY has to offer.

  • Dress the part.  Suits and dresses are preferred.  We want to showcase everyone looking their best

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