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Jarael Adams

Jarael Adam’s “Paint the Town” painting studio and art gallery located in the heart of the historic Allentown district. Starting with Jarael and his wife Arlene, Paint the Town has grown into a company with 14 employees. PTT now partners with the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Public School and other local organizations and establishments. It started with a goal to do art and be able to provide for his family simultaneously, Jarael saw the concept of social painting erupting. He shares “I saw an opportunity to take something I loved and simplify in such a way that everyone, no matter their age, or art ability could enjoy.” Built off word of mouth, referrals, social media and simply doing good business, Jarael is one of the top artists in Western New York.

Jarael grew up on the East Side of Buffalo and attended McKinley High School for Advertising Art and Photography. As a student he was very involved in social clubs (president of NSBE, founded a Dance Team) etc. “I was non-traditional in the academic sense, always drawing academic concepts into images.” says Jarael. He is living out his dreams because his goal always was and still is all aspects of art. He says “I always knew art never left me, the way I grew up, art was the only thing that was for me. It was good and consistent, it became a part of my character, Art is who I am.”

With Paint the Town being fully entrenched in the Western New York fabric, Jarael achieved another personal goal this year, opening a Tattoo Parlor. “I always personally wanted a tattoo. I was very intrigued with the tattoo culture. Having a tattoo shop is the icing on the cake. The difference with The Ink Gallery from other tattoo parlors is the central focus is art” Jarael shares.

Jarael has plans to grow his art and businesses on a national and international level, Jarael is in full go mode. Life is busy but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Art is Jarael and Jarael is Art.

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