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Q & A with Reema Reem

Panoramic:  Where did you grow up?

Reema: I grew up on the east side of Buffalo.


Panoramic: What were your parents like?

Reema: My mom was a single parent. She was strict, but not like I was running away and stuff like that, she just didn’t play, old school mom you know (she laughs). My dad was in and out of prison most of my childhood and teenage years. He was soooo funny & charming and he had a big heart.


Panoramic: How was your relationship with your parents?

Reema: My mom and I had our rough times when I was a teen, like probably most mother/daughter relationships. We didn’t have that BFF mother daughter relationship but she has and is always there for me. We talk much more in my adulthood than in my teens. My dad passed away of cancer in May 2008, and it was his last 11/12 years of life, with his sobriety, and after I had my daughter, we developed a relationship/bond.


Panoramic: How would you describe yourself as a child?

Were you happy?

Reema: I was a happy child, I had a big imagination. I used to like playing school, barbies and “bar” where I’d make drinks with lemonade behind my mom’s bar in our living room, maybe that’s where my bartending juices started flowing. I always loved attention, I was always outspoken and silly fun and a big personality.


Panoramic: What high school & college did you attend?

Reema: I went to Hutchinson Central Technical high school. I did a couple semesters at NYU and ECC, in my adulthood. That was hard, I kept trying but nah, could not finish college.


Panoramic: What type of student were you & did you enjoy school?

Reema: My High school was in the top five rankings in the city of buffalo when I was there, so of course I was a genius, very smart honor roll student. I was funny, popular and outgoing. I think my senior year I got the biggest mouth award and I was captain of my high school drill team. I loved my high school years. Now college, not so much. Probably because I didn’t go straight out of high school, I wish I had, because ADULT COLLEGE! Wow!


Panoramic: What do you do for a living?

Reema: I do too damn much (she laughs), that’s what I do for a living. So for an income, right now, my  9-5 is an administrative assistant. I also bartend, design flyers, some occasional party promoting, but for a “LIVING”, I am working towards being a stand-up comedian/actress FULL-TIME.

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