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Jamil Crews

Jamil was born in Buffalo and grew up between Buffalo and Washington, DC. He experienced poverty and homelessness but said his family made the most of it. His parents dealt with drug and alcohol addiction when he was younger, but he is proud to say they overcame their challenges.


Jamil, also known as Mil, was close to his mother despite her addiction and has grown closer to his father over the years. As the Director of Upward Bound, Dwane Hodges served as a father figure and Jamil credits him with being the most influential person to him as a child. He graduated at the top of his class from Bennett High School where he was very active in sports. His best memories of high school were standing out as an athlete and graduation day. As social as he is now, people would be surprised to learn that he was a loner in high school because he was ashamed of his socioeconomic status. After Bennett, Jamil attended the University at Buffalo and became the first in his family to graduate from college. He even played intramural sports at UB and was involved in several student organizations. Dr. Kush K. Bhardwaj who taught Hip Hop and Social Issues, had a particularly strong influence and Jamil views him as “one of the best people in life.” His best memories of college were making friends that became more like family.


Jamil prayed for a wife and when God brought them together Jamil was obedient.  They had their first real conversation on AOL Instant Messenger and were married two years later. They’ve been married for 10 years and although they do not have any children yet, their desire is to pass down generational wealth to their children and grandchildren. His advice for younger couples is to make sure friendship is the foundation of the relationship and always keep God at the center. One of the most difficult things he ever experienced was getting extremely sick before his wedding due to a blood clot in his leg that almost cost him his life. He made the necessary lifestyle changes and decided to make his health his top priority.


His first professional job was as a marketing consultant at 93.7 WBLK. He then worked for a fashion magazine based in NYC. He successfully leveraged the skills he learned into creating his own company, Crews Control Media and his current role as Digital Communications Manager at Say Yes Buffalo. Jamil is most proud of starting his own business because he will be able to pass it on to his children. A typical day for him consists of an early morning workout, working his day job, and spending the rest of the evening working his businesses. Life has taught Jamil to never work a job where one is not valued and NEVER compromise your health for work. One of Jamil’s long-term goals include owning a professional sports team.


Jamil has no regrets and believes his steps were ordered by God. His philosophy for life “...setbacks are inevitable, but they are setups for comebacks.” He is diligently working to leave the world a better place because of the contributions he made to it. In his spare time Jamil loves to DJ, workout, hiking and biking.