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Bruce Warrick


Bruce “Trust God” Warrick thought he would become a police officer but God had other plans that would take him far beyond what he imagined. He was born in February 1982 in Manhattan and said he was always outgoing, funny and goofy as a child. Bruce enjoyed school and loved being the life of the party. He graduated from Burgard High School where he enjoyed the basketball and football games with rival schools and the epic food fights. Bruce played basketball, football, volleyball, ran track and participated in JROTC. He said people would be surprised to know that he skipped a lot of classes during his senior year and went to additional gym classes instead. Mr. Banks was his favorite teacher because he kept it real with Bruce and pushed him to do better.


Due to the many obstacles he faced as a child, Bruce always knew he wanted to work with children. He believed he would be able to relate and have an impact on their lives and be a voice of hope for them. His first job was as a residential counselor at Gateway Longview. Currently he is a youth division aide worker with the NYS Office of Child and Family Services where he covers the entire state and is able to mentor youth and participate in meetings to implement change. He has worked with youth for the past fifteen years and position affords him the opportunity to interact with more youth than he could reach as a police officer. God’s mission for him was bigger than the dream he had for himself. In 2015 Bruce started Trust God Ministries. He got his nickname Trust God because that is what he always encourages people to do. A typical day consists of working his 9 to 5 and filming inspirational videos inspiring people to trust God. He obtained a license for evangelism on January 15, 2020 and visits hospitals and homes praying for others.


Trusting God and helping others did not leave Bruce without his own challenges to overcome. One of the most difficult things he dealt with was depression. He shared when he started putting God first and believing in himself, he was able to better manage his depression. Eventually Bruce wants to go to Africa and open his own church. He and his wife of nine years are raising their 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Bruce said becoming a parent was the best thing that ever happened to him. The dreams for their children are for them to know God, love themselves, be responsible and prosper in everything they do. His advice for a successful marriage, “...communication is key and whatever you are going through is between you, your spouse and God.”


In his free time Bruce likes to barbecue, watch his favorite player Lebron James, sing and visit hospitals to pray for others.